Consultant Gulf is India based neutral Logistics Consultant to build tradelane beween India/Pakistan/China to Gulf . (UAE-Qatar & KSA). We have strong rate contracts for Gulf region and we can link you directly to strong partners in Gulf who are strong enough to handle Deconsolidation, Project Logistics, Warehousing, General freight forwarding DDU/DDP jobs and destination custom clearance/transportation.

Consultant Gulf is also engaged into Logistics Training and arranging short term workshop/seminars on Logistics & SCM. Consultant Gulf can help you to have your company set up within Gulf region through their vast network with several sponsors.

Jigar Shah has 09 years of experience in Middle East and 06 years in India with several MNCs, India and Qatar shareholding companies. He has experienced as Middle and Top level management within Taiwan(YML)/Korean(KMTC)/American(BDP)/ Indian(Arshiya)/Qatar(IGS Qatar) based shipping-logistics & supply chain management companies. He has developed distribution solution and has handled projects (commercial & operation aspects) of several Turkish, French, Italian and American MNCs.

If you are looking for neutral logistics auditor or neutral consultant who can help to link Middle level and top level management.

Our Consultancy will help you
  • Bridging gap between middle level and top management
  • Neutral audit for your Operations, Sales & Accounting (achieve better operation efficiency)
  • Monthly Visits to your branch/office and spending quality time with your Team (India & Gulf)
  • Online Sales meeting & guidance (Salesforce optimisation and target achieving)
  • Developing project network & project logistics business for your office
  • Finding right minded agents for you (within India/china & gulf)
  • Consultancy for new/ongoing projects within Middle East (UAE, Qatar, KSA )
  • Recruitment & Training of Logistics Staff (Operations/Sales & Customer service)
  • Sub contract your Rate desk & customer service desk to India(Offshore Rate desk)
  • Wholesale Ocean Rate filing & building volume (Trade lane Development)